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The Green Heron June 18, 2014

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Have you seen this pretty heron?

green heron web image

green heron

They can be found across the United States, but are declining in numbers. 😦

My husband and I have spotted them at nearby lakes and rivers. They are harder to spot than the Great Blue Heron or the Great White Egret since they are smaller. They nest in scrubbier areas near the water’s edge while the Egrets and Herons make large nests at the tops of trees, which are easy to spot.

A great number of these beautiful birds have been discovered nesting in a marshy area in Louisiana.

Read more about this discovery in this Audubon article.


Bird-Watching at Twin Lakes July 13, 2010

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We went out to our nearby lake to watch the sunset and see what birds we could watch. Even though it’s only a few miles from our house, there are different birds that hang out near the water.

We were wandering in the grassy peninsula of our favorite picnic spot when we saw a green heron perched on a dead branch. Then he came closer so we could get a good look.

green heron web image

green heron

green heron web image

green heron

At first, we weren’t sure what it was although my hubby suspected it was a heron. Our Minnesota bird book didn’t show it (?), but a wildlife calendar we have showed it as a Wisconsin bird. Maybe he/she was just visiting. 🙂

We walked out on the dock to snap some sunset photos (which I’ll post Friday), and this female kingfisher landed right on the rail, as if to greet us. She stayed a good long while considering we were so close. I was facing into the sun, so I wasn’t even sure what I was getting. But it turned out pretty well.

female kingfisher web image

female kingfisher

Check back Friday for some cool reflective water and sunset pics!


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