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My Plant Journal February 17, 2012

north central region usda zone hardiness plant map

North Central Region

2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zones  (look up by zip code)

This is my personal Zone 4b plant list, but thought maybe others would like to see it or get inspiration/ideas from it. I’ve been trying to keep a garden journal (offline), but I rarely remember to look at it! So I thought since I spend so much time here writing about my backyard garden, I’d try keeping my list here.

On my wishlist:

Zinnia, hellebores, more hostas, milkweed, azalea, rhododendron, red wall virginia creeper

Things I’ve planted:



Spring Bulbs – elegant lady lily flowering tulip, lutea yellow fritillaria, mixed scilla, oktoberfest tall bearded iris


More daylily varieties, dark tall sedum, white rose of sharon


Daylily, Petite Prince


Butterfly bush, purple

Hardy Miniature Gladiolus (Mirella)

Pink Coneflower

Baby White Coneflower

Hosta (Sun and Substance)



Jacob’s Ladder

Scarlet Runner Bean – 2 seed packets (trellis planter box on deck)

February: (ordered online for delivery; planted in May)

Burning hearts Bleeding Heart

Mini Gladiolus

Hardy Cyclamen

January: (ordered online for spring delivery; planted in May)

Bee Balm coltrain red

Columbine crimson star

Liatris spicata violet



Started Italian kitchen herbs seeds indoors.

Used small plantable containers and egg cartons. They started out great under grow lights and were doing well, but when it was nearly time to move them outdoors they all died! I won’t do this again. I’m much better off with bedding plants come Spring. Since I belong to a choir, we always have a plant fundraiser in the March, so I have easy access to what I need; much better use of my time!


Oriental Lily (Lilium Casa Blanca)

Daylily (Strawberry Candy)

Hosta (Stained Glass)

May – June:

Golden Lace Juniper (2)

Summer Succulent: Cerveza ‘n Lime(Plectranthrus)


Picked up a Sumac shrub on clearance and planted in new bed space. (Needed some anchor shrubs in this bed between 2 large trees.)

Replaced my Honeysuckle vine (Dropmore Scarlet, Lonicera Brownii) which rabbits destroyed last winter.

Added a Trumpet vine (Flamenco) to sideyard near Honeysuckle in hopes it will cover sideyard trellis where 5-yr old Honeysuckle was that rabbits destroyed.


Pear Tree, Flowering Non-fruit (Pyrus Calleryana, Cleveland Select)

Ordered 3 hyacinth bulbs w/glass vases for forcing next Spring.


Planted bulbs for Spring bloom —



Planted double pink Elodie lily I received from Aunt Robyn’s garden.


Planted Allium purple sensation.

purple sensation allium | | paula bonelli

purple sensation allium



Planted hardy Hibiscus (ordered from Cottage Gardens via QVC.) Shared 1 with my neighbor.

Added a couple more Foxglove plants.


Planted bulbs — Daffodil mix, Tulip mix,, purple Crocus

tulip | | paula bonelli



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