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VIDEO: Downy Woodpecker, Juvenile Male July 6, 2011

This cute little guy is a downy woodpecker fledgling. He’s been watching his Mom and Dad use this feeder to nourish him. Seems he’s trying to figure this out for himself. Watch as he pecks at it and calls for his parents. He’s not too sure he wants to venture to the underside like they do!

What types of woodpeckers visit your yard?

Downy woodpecker facts:

  • Smallest woodpecker in North America

    downy woodpecker | | paula bonelli

    downy woodpecker

  • Found in most of U.S. except the southwest
  • Weighs just 0.7 to 1.0 ounces
  • Common feeder birds, eating suet and black oil sunflower seeds and occasionally drinking from hummingbird feeders
  • Oldest known woodpecker lived 11 years, 11 months (glad to know the ones I have hanging around will be with me for a long while!)
  • Listen to the song/call of this bird

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Funny Bird Photos June 17, 2011

I have such a collection of goofy bird pictures, I thought I’d share them today.

What bird antics are happening in your yard? Share them below!

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Gerbera Daisy and Bird Antics March 14, 2011

I have a sunny yellow Gerbera Daisy that I love; one of my fav colors. I have it in a pot and keep it outdoors in the summer. When the cool weather arrives, I bring it in and winter it over. Usually it will bloom once while indoors. Over the weekend it popped open. If you have a chance to plant this beautiful flower, go for it. They have really sturdy blossoms that last a long time and make great cutting flowers. Check your zone for outdoor hardiness.

gerbera_daisy (more…)


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