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Funny Bird Photos June 17, 2011

I have such a collection of goofy bird pictures, I thought I’d share them today.

What bird antics are happening in your yard? Share them below!

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Curious Cardinal April 1, 2011

This male cardinal was so cute. Usually my visiting cardinals just grab a piece of food and fly away, but this male was particularly curious. He landed on all the things I have around the feeder area and just sat there checking them out like he’d never been in this neck of the neighborhood before!

cardinal, malePretty funny since I’m sure this is the male that’s been around for years. I’m glad he’s feeling comfortable enough to stay for a longer visit. 🙂

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Gerbera Daisy and Bird Antics March 14, 2011

I have a sunny yellow Gerbera Daisy that I love; one of my fav colors. I have it in a pot and keep it outdoors in the summer. When the cool weather arrives, I bring it in and winter it over. Usually it will bloom once while indoors. Over the weekend it popped open. If you have a chance to plant this beautiful flower, go for it. They have really sturdy blossoms that last a long time and make great cutting flowers. Check your zone for outdoor hardiness.

gerbera_daisy (more…)


Female Cardinal March 7, 2011

I’ve been thinking about getting an outdoor web cam that is motion-sensitive. During the winter months, I don’t have a very good spot to capture photos of our birds visiting the feeders outside our kitchen window.

I’ve tried to have my camera at the ready, but just about the time I’m in position, focused and zoomed, the birds are long gone!

Well, one Saturday morning, my female cardinal must have been particularly hungry. She usually is quite flighty, grabbing her food and scooting away.  Well she sat so long, I was able to get a good shot of her even though she was on the back side of the feeder. She’s really so pretty and quite a private gal, just ducking out of view. 🙂

Hope you have some of these beautiful birds visiting your feeders too. They are so regal with that little “crown” of feathers on top of their head.

I’d love to hefemale cardinal imagear what birds are at your feeders this time of year – leave a comment below.

Crystal, one of the editor’s of Birds and Blooms, posted an article on their blog recently about the female cardinal. Get more interesting tidbits about this little lady (the cardinal) on the blog. There is also a great picture of a cardinal pair that accompanies the story.

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