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Lurie Public Gardens July 25, 2013

We recently spent a few days in Chicago to see the city and sights. We visited Millenium Park which is 5 acres of park grounds in the city. It’s absolutely beautiful and the Lurie Public Gardens sits at the south end of the park near the Loop. The gardens make up 2-1/2 acres of the park in the way of planted areas.

There are 2 main areas – one shade garden and one sun garden and features guided boardwalks and canals. It’s named for Ann Lurie who gave an endowment in the amount of $10 million dollars for the maintenance and upkeep!

This is a public garden with no plant markers and no annuals — the garden consists of all perennials; 60% native to Illinois. The garden, along with so many other things in Chicago, is a must-see if you are there. 😉

Where are your favorite public gardens?


2 Responses to “Lurie Public Gardens”

  1. Robbie Says:

    I grew up there and now live downstate. I have not been up there to see the Millenium Park . Once life slows down and we have some free time that is one of the places I want to visit. Do they still have a kitchen garden? I have seen many pictures of the gardens, but would love to see it in person. robbie:-)

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