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Peonies – A Favorite Perennial June 19, 2013

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We had a really long winter, a rainy spring, and so far a very timid summer. An unusual gardening season to be sure!

We lost many tried and true perennials this year – they simply didn’t come up. 😦 Among the missing — Lamb’s Ear, Hollyhock (all of them!), Plume Poppy, Rose of Sharon, many of my Oriental Lilies, Geum, Canterbury Bells, Dianthus, Coreopsis, HIbiscus, and Lavendar. Whew – quite a few. Shall I hold out hope that they will come up next year?

Among the steadfast — the Peony. It’s one of my favorites with it’s pretty, round buds and large, fragrant blossoms. Even after it’s done blooming, its dark green leaves look nice throughout the season. They’ve been around forever – don’t you remember seeing them in your grandparent’s gardens? They come in many colors and grow from 2-4 feet. They can adapt to many ranges of soil types, but thrive best in well-drained soils.

peony_bud_image | peony_jun_2011_003 |

Peonies are hardy from USDA zone 2 to 8 and have few insect and disease problems. Where there are Peonies, there are ants. They are simply attracted to the sugary liquid that the flower buds secrete. They neither harm or hurt the plant.

What are the stalwarts in your garden?


One Response to “Peonies – A Favorite Perennial”

  1. This was a great year for peonies here, Paula – my best ever! Great stalwarts of the garden 🙂

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