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Indigo Bunting! May 21, 2013

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We have a new bird in the neighborhood…this beautiful Indigo Bunting! Although the Indigo Bunting breeds in MN all summer, this is the first time I’ve ever spotted one. It was thrilling and it’s been hanging around a couple of weeks. I sure hope it stays around to visit my feeders often.

Are you seeing new species of birds in your yard this year?


indigo bunting |


4 Responses to “Indigo Bunting!”

  1. Spy Garden Says:

    Indigo buntings are one of my favorites. I got a few pics of one in our yard in April but haven’t seen it around again.

  2. Paula, I had 2 in the yard the other day!
    Saw them last year also, but they didn’t stay long.
    They are fast! No pictures!

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