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Brush Pile for the Birds April 2, 2013

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When we were cleaning up the yard last fall, my husband made a pile of small branches we’d trimmed from our trees. It was near our rock patio in the back part of our yard.

brush_pile_paulasgardenpatch.com_paula bonelli

I asked him to leave it for the winter and he looked at me strangely. I know what he was thinking. He wanted the backyard nice and clean before the snow fell. I talked him into leaving it so our winter birds would have another shelter spot. I know he wasn’t convinced. Just as he doesn’t like to leave any spent flower stalks or blooms left in the beds, I don’t think he really wanted to leave the brush pile either.

seed_heads_paulasgardenpatch.com_paula bonelli

But I had a hunch the birds would use the brush for protection and the dead blossoms for nibbling. Many of the birds loved hopping in and out of the brush pile all winter. The Dark-eyed Juncos seemed to enjoy it the most. And the Chickadees are always nosing around and hanging upside down to eat the seed heads we leave in the beds.

We have a small backyard so we have to purposely leave these things for our birds. Do you have natural areas like this in your yard? Or do you create them?


4 Responses to “Brush Pile for the Birds”

  1. I have an old woodpile that the chippies love. I just cut down my ornamental grasses and left the pieces in the woods for nesting material – birds love that.

  2. Oh indeed, I spent a few years with some books for gardening for wildlife and I can see the difference now that it has made in my garden. In fact, I measure the success of my garden not simply through the way it looks but more from the way it supports life 🙂

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