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Spring? March 20, 2013

Well, it’s officially the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox, a day synonymous with rebirth and regrowth. It certainly doesn’t feel like spring in the Midwest. It’s very chilly, single digits overnight and 18 degrees this morning. With the cold comes the sun and I’ll take it!

spring tulips | | paula bonelli

There is something about winter sun that draws me near a window, longing to be outdoors with a cool drink in hand, walking through my garden. Winters here can be so dreary and cloudy. That really gets to me. I need my natural vitamin D! When spring approaches, I look forward to days that bring daylight close to 12 hours long. My spirit emerges like the flowers emerging in the spring sunshine after a long, cold winter.

Another activity that always feels like spring is watching nesting activities on the various live nestcams across the nation. Why not get ready to watch nesting in your own yard by checking out NestWatch? Find out how to safely monitor nests and help scientists by recording your findings.

robins_nest | | paula bonelli

What will you do today to celebrate Spring? I’m going to take my cup of coffee and sit in a sunny spot for a few minutes and soak up the rays.
Enjoy the first day of spring!


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2 Responses to “Spring?”

  1. It has been cold here too, Paula, but very sunny – that part feels good!

    • Paula B Says:

      🙂 I can hardly wait to go outside. I keep seeing other people’s pictures of what’s coming up in their yard. We still have a lot of snow. It will be awhile…
      Have a glorious weekend!

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