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2013 Great Backyard Bird Count is Record-breaker March 18, 2013

dark-eyed_junco | | paula bonelli

dark-eyed junco

This year, Cornell Lab of Ornithology reported a record-breaking Great Backyard Bird Count. It was the first global GBBC and participants shattered records. Hubs and I participated and saw a record number of Eagles on the 2nd count day. You can explore all the data, find stats and see participant pictures on their Web site.

During the count, eBird offered their smartphone app, BirdLog, for $0.99 (regular price $9.99, available for Apple and Android). I couldn’t pass up that deal. I downloaded it and now I can submit a year-round checklist from my phone any time.


BirdLog app

It gets recorded directly into my eBird account. This is super convenient because my locations are already saved in my account and I no longer have to wait until I get home to enter information! If you enjoy helping Cornell and participate in their other programs, you’ll find this app quite useful.

Oh – and don’t forget to check out the nestcams – there is already nesting activity at several sites!


2 Responses to “2013 Great Backyard Bird Count is Record-breaker”

  1. Great idea, Paula, I have to check out this app. I was scheduled for the bird count on New Years Eve but we got snowed under with 8″ and I didn’t make it. However, yesterday, the morning birdsong here took a steep rise – it may be sleeting and snowing but spring is here, according to the birds!

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