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A Hint of Spring Inside February 15, 2013

Remember those bulbs I started…the first 2 hyacinth are in bloom! I wish you could smell the amazing sweet, almost lilac-y scent. I’ve placed one in  my bathroom. In this small space, the heavenly smell fills the whole room. Ah – Spring!


My lack of the proper vases didn’t seem to matter much and improvisation of the juice glasses worked. Remember the new vases I ordered from Amazon when I discovered the vases I ordered last Fall were too large? Well, they are too small for a bulb! Now I have vases that are too big and vases that are too small. This shouldn’t be so hard. When I find a good, affordable source, I’ll be sure to share it.

The bulbs I put in dirt in a pot are moving along much more slowly. They are just beginning to show signs of progress. My advice? You can force in bulb vases and have blooms in about 4 weeks if they are in a sunny, warm window. I think the potted ones will take the full 8-10 weeks to bloom.

Are you forcing any flowers inside? Which ones and what’s working for you?


One Response to “A Hint of Spring Inside”

  1. What a wonderful sight, Paula, and definitely a welcome preview of spring! I love the smell of hyacinths; even outdoors in open air they smell fabulous.

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