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It’s Finally Winter in Minnesota December 18, 2012

Well, we officially have winter here getting about 10″ of snow and some really cold air. So the snow looks like it’s here to stay for awhile.

We always have fun watching the birds navigate the feeders during and after a large snow fall. They love the moisture it provides in the way of a drink and they seem to like to play in it. I guess our cute snow birds (dark-eyed juncos) were really digging for the food at the bottom of the dish. Their feet must get really cold!

We have 8 juncos that have visited our feeders so far this year. I know the number because I am participating in Project FeederWatch again this year.

Just as it started snowing, the cardinals were filling up on their share of the food too.

(Click image for a better view)

female_cardinal_paulasgardenpatch.com_paula bonelli

cardinal_pair_paulasgardenpatch.com_paula bonelli

This cute little couple have been visitors to our backyard for years. They always stick together; when you see one, the other isn’t far away. The male seems very protective of her. It’s pretty sweet.

How’s your backyard looking? Are your feeders busy with bird activity? What species are visiting your yard?


4 Responses to “It’s Finally Winter in Minnesota”

  1. You got more than us….headed to Rochester today to finish some shopping, and the frost was very heavy there. So dark here though–I could use some sunshine!
    I have not had Cardinals yet this year. Lot’s of others visiting my bird feeders!

  2. Gillian Says:

    My chickadees and blue jays have disappeared, so right now I don’t have any birds even though the squirrel-proof feeder is stocked with black oil sunflower seeds. 😦

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