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Real or artificial? November 30, 2012

While we have long put up a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree for ease, justifying our choice each year by the fact that we have very small rooms that require rearranging for anything but a modest tree, this year I have a longing to return to a long gone tradition of cutting our own tree.

christmas tree | | paula bonelli

Sure, we explain away our reasons for the artificial tree —  it doesn’t drop needles (that you find long after Christmas is over), it’s easier to take down and put away, we know it will fit in our home (funny how small real trees look out in the field), and because my hubs is a bit of an Ebenezer when it comes to all the holiday hoopla (sigh). So we settle for less stress.

Since joining our CSA this past summer, I have found so many wonderful benefits of membership, including an area where we can go and cut a tree. There is nothing as appealing as walking through deep snow in freezing temps to find the perfect tree! But seriously, there is a bit of magic in doing this as a family. Probably more fun than the act is getting it home, putting on a pot of homemade hot cocoa, snuggling into a cozy sweater and slippers, and trimming the tree.

I’m sure we’ll forego this tradition again this year, but if you love the smell and tradition of a real tree, check out your area for the perfect spot to make a memory!

What do you put up — the real deal or the simplicity of artificial?


4 Responses to “Real or artificial?”

  1. Since moving to FL and leaving everything behind (either sold or given away) I’ve taken a different approach. I put up lots of christmas decorations but no tree. The house still looks extremely festive and I’ve continued to bake and cook for the holidays as I’ve always done….just without a tree!
    Before that, I’ve put up fake trees since getting divorced in 1999 mainly because it was too much to drag around with 3 young kids to get a real one.
    Now having said all that, were I you with a husband and normal life? I’d get a real tree for old time’s sake and enjoy it! 🙂

    • Paula B Says:

      Thanks for sharing, Karen. I hear you – I also went through a divorce with young children. You must cut out anything that adds more “to do’s” to your workload! I love the idea of just decorations. 🙂 And who’s to say what’s normal? Your as normal as any of us. LOL

  2. Gillian Says:

    No tree for me, unfortunately, though we do have an artificial one in the basement. You see, we have two cats and an open concept house. One of my cats loves chewing on the artificial needles, while the other one likes to play with the low-hanging decorations. And one year, one of them actually managed to climb up inside the tree, knocking the branches out and causing all the decorations to go awry. If we had a living room or a dining room that we could close the door to, I’d still be putting up a tree.

    • Paula B Says:

      I didn’t think about the fact that many people don’t put up a tree, but have heard from a few readers that don’t. I’m sure your home feels plenty festive even without a tree. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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