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One Last Chance To Be In My Yard November 13, 2012

Saturday brought warm temps in the 70’s so I ventured outside to linger in the yard one last time before the cold weather really sets in. The birds were crazy busy at all the feeders. Good thing for me since I started my Project FeederWatch counts for the season. Are you participating? See the banner over on the right for more information (under  my social links). →→→

While I was laying on my picnic bench soaking up the warmth, I saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker nearby. Hoping he would come visit our suet feeder, I ran into the house for my camera.

I snapped these shots as he flew about the yard and grabbed a snack.

Click photos to enlarge

red-bellied_woodpecker_photo_collage | | paula bonelli

red-bellied woodpecker

The Dark-eyed Juncos were pretty busy also. In years past, they’ve only eaten seed off the ground. This year I guess they feel at home because they regularly feed from my hoppers and trays. They are such cute little snowbirds. 🙂

dark-eyed_junco | | paula bonelli

dark-eyed junco

Lastly, the Black-capped Chickadees waste no time! They simply get right IN the feeder. They speedily grab a piece of food, scamper away to pound on it and then return for more.

black-capped_chickadee | | paula bonelli

black-capped chickadee

What fun things are happening in your garden with the approach of winter? Any unusual bird sightings?

By the way, the next day there was a 40 degree temperature swing and we dropped into the 30’s with freezing rain and a dusting of snow. Such extremes! A reminder that winter is not far away…


5 Responses to “One Last Chance To Be In My Yard”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Hi Paula, I’d love to participate in the FeederWatch but I get so few birds that it wouldn’t be worth it. Once winter hits it seems there are endless days where no birds come to my yard. Right now I’m getting the odd chickadee and goldfinch, and the Blue Jays are still around, but they all seem to disappear once the snow falls.

    Love that Red-bellied Woodpecker!

    • Paula B Says:

      It’s fun and I watch the birds anyway so I figured I might as well count. Isn’t the red-bellied pretty? Today we saw a red-breasted nuthatch. We have many white-breasted but rarely see the red one. He’s really tiny and cute!

  2. Great shots, Paula – I rarely get bird photos here. Sounds like you had a great “weather break”

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