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A Week of 50s October 30, 2012

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Since Sunday and into the coming week, we are experiencing temps at or near 50 degrees. Now I know that seems a bit chilly, but the days are beautifully sunny and mild with low winds.

I coaxed my hubby to the garden for a bonfire telling him we had to finish up the last of the smore ingredients. Who likes soggy, stale grahams? We had to eat them!

bonfire october | | paula bonelli

It was a perfect afternoon for a fire and a smore, or maybe two.

me with marshmallow on face | | paula bonelli


I also had a chance to plant a few bulbs and a perennial. I added a Lutea Yellow Fritillaria, Elegant Lady Lily Tulips, an Oktoberfest Tall Bearded Iris, and Mixed Scilla. Can’t wait for spring!

What are you doing to enjoy the Fall weather?


4 Responses to “A Week of 50s”

  1. After only 2 bonfires all Summer long (to hot and risky) we have enjoyed a few this past week and this week as well!!! Happy Halloween

    • Paula B Says:

      The same with us. We usually have them regularly and we only had a couple as well. It was fun and I hope we can get at least 1 more in. Happy Halloween to you also.

  2. Gillian Says:

    Mmmmm, smores. Our weather is cooling off as well, only a few degrees above zero later this week (I don’t know what that is in Farenheit, but it means time to put the heavy coat on here!). Spring seems a long ways off!

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