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Leaf Clean-up and Splendid Fall Colors October 23, 2012

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The lull of cool, Fall air beckons me to take a walk among the fallen leaves. But among the fallen leaves hides work! Thus begins the tedious job of cleaning up leaves that have fallen from our near bare trees. I am blessed to have a hubby who does this job. 🙂 He has the right tool for the job – a yard vacuum.

It seems every year, we are playing beat-the-clock to get all the leaves sucked up before it either rains or snows. Blow leaves from beds, suck up leaves, put in large bags, haul to compost, repeat. This goes on for days it seems.

Among the work, we do find pleasure in the beautiful Fall color showing in some of our plants and shrubs, and the near-constant bird activity.

Although I love Fall weather, it’s sad to put away tables and chairs that have made up quiet vignettes throughout the yard where I’ve enjoyed morning coffee, pretty yard ornaments the birds love to hang out on, and the gazing balls that once decorated the greenscape.

Ah – finally time to admit that Fall has indeed arrived and Winter is not far behind. Although I must give up gardening for a few months (as soon as I get my bulbs in the ground!), I will continue to watch my birds through strategically placed feeders near my kitchen and laundry windows.

Hope you’re enjoying a happy, and possibly productive, Fall day!


2 Responses to “Leaf Clean-up and Splendid Fall Colors”

  1. Gillian Says:

    I love your antique sink container – it’s so unique! The pumpkins and mums make for a cheerful combination, too!

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