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A Vine for My Pergola October 17, 2012

OK – not really for my pergola, because it’s still on my wishlist. Hint, hint DH! BUT…if I did have one, this is the vine I would choose –Red Wall™ Virginia Creeper.

We’ve already discovered how popular our berry-bearing shrubs are with all kinds of birds. This vine would provide even more berries (bluish-black) for birds like thrushes, vireos, chickadees, robins, cardinals, warblers, and cedar waxwings. The branches would also provide cover and nesting sites. This said pergola would be right outside my back door over our small deck. Wouldn’t that be the perfect, up-close spot to watch birds nesting?

red wall virginia creeper | proven winners | | paula bonelli

red wall virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

This fast-growing vine survives in Zones 3-9 and grows 20 feet or more tall. Covered with glossy green foliage during the summer, its fall leaves turn a brilliant, fire-engine red as the seasons change, as show in the picture above. Simply wonderful.

This vine makes my wishlist! For more information on the Red Wall™ Virginia Creeper vine, go to: Proven Winners


2 Responses to “A Vine for My Pergola”

  1. I love Virginia Creeper–it does tend to be a problem growing in our back woods–it like to choke the pines, so I have to yank it down.

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