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Bluebirds October 9, 2012

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Yesterday morning I had a whole flock of Eastern Bluebirds stop in my yard on their Fall migration. There must have been a dozen or more. What a treat!

They do reside here in the summer, but I usually don’t see them in my yard since they prefer meadows and openings surrounded by trees. Occasionally they pass through to check out our nest boxes for a day or two. They commonly use nest boxes and old woodpecker holes.

They feed on insects, but during fall and winter, they look for berries. They were checking out our dogwood shrubs to see if they had any berries left on them. Alas, they are gone. In August the Warblers and Vireos picked them clean! Sorry Cedar Waxwings and Eastern Bluebirds. I wonder if I can find room to plant a few more shrubs that provide berries? They are a great way to attract birds of all types.

As during the summer, they didn’t stay long. I was glad I happened to see them as I ventured from my office to the kitchen to fill my coffee cup. They are so little and beautiful.

eastern bluebird | | paula bonelli

[Click the pic for a slightly larger view. Sorry for the quality; phone cam. BTW-my new camera is on its way! No more low-quality photos.] 🙂

What birds are you seeing during Fall migration? Sometimes you hear them before you see them. Sounds of the Eastern Bluebird

My hubby and I are taking a few days off this week. I’m hoping during our day trips to the south-eastern part of our state, I’ll get to do some bird watching too!


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