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Time to Plant Bulbs September 28, 2012

The best time to get your Spring bulbs in the ground is when the soil temps reach approximately 60 degrees. In the northern Midwest, it’s usually between mid-September to mid-October and can even extend into November. My rule of thumb is if the ground isn’t frozen, I can still plant a bulb!

Plant your bulbs 3-4 times as deep as the bulb is tall. A bulb planting tool works great for this. I am particularly fond of layering bulbs since I have limited space.

bulb planting spade | | paula bonelli

I’m not sure how many bulbs I’ll plant this year as I don’t have much in the way of sun. Bulbs require at least half a day of sun to thrive. And more than that is even better. In my shady yard I don’t get quite stellar results, but any peek of color come Spring is welcome.

I almost always force hyacinth bulbs indoors so that I have a beautiful, fragrant bloom in March or April. They make a great hostess gift for Easter dinner.

Find the usual Spring bulbs like hyacinth, tulips and crocus at any big box store. Or for unique blooms, shop your local garden center or online at places like American Meadows, Holland Bulb, Brecks.

Regional Reminders:

  • Purchase and plant bulbs 🙂
  • Clean up and cut back spent blossoms and foliage
  • Fertilize your lawn

4 Responses to “Time to Plant Bulbs”

  1. Paula, some of my favorite bulb sources are Van Engelen (wholesale lots but great prices) and Brent & Becky’s Bulbs.

  2. Thanks for sharing us as a source for fall bulbs! Have you ever tried planting Scilla ( in your shaded areas? We love the way they multiply and grow into a river-like effect underneath trees.

    • Paula B Says:

      Oh – I haven’t! But I’ll check them out…still haven’t placed my order for bulbs yet. Not following my own suggestions. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a moment to give me that info. I much appreciate it!

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