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Bluejays are Peanut-Lovers September 24, 2012

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I have a few Blue Jays who like to come around in Spring, disappear most of the summer and then return when Fall arrives.

I swear our backyard birds communicate with me! If I forget to put peanuts out for the Jay’s morning feeding, I sure hear about it. Just like the Red-Bellied Woodpecker used to wake me early in the morning, the Blue Jays squawk loudly to let me know they want peanuts. If I’ve remembered to put peanuts in the feeders the night before, they come quietly to gather them all up.

Here’s a short video of one of the Blue Jays greedily getting as many as he could in one trip.


4 Responses to “Bluejays are Peanut-Lovers”

  1. The Bluejays seem bigger to me this year–oh they have been fiesty in the big trees!

    • Paula B Says:

      They have been bigger! Thought it was just my imagination. Really love the pics of the Eagles – pretty amazing!

      • I thought it was just me too! I also have had more birds (earlier this Summer) then I have had in the past 5 years….The last few weeks they have been using the little pond for water quite a bit.
        Poor things…
        Are you traveling to Italy soon?

      • Paula B Says:

        Oh – I wish. I didn’t get enough interest in the Fall cooking program, so I canceled it. I hope in 2013 to plan something with one of my contacts that isn’t an entire week long; maybe 3 days will be more appealing. We’ll see.

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