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A Relaxing Labor Day Weekend September 6, 2012

Our Labor Day weekend was uneventful (on purpose) and very relaxing. I enjoyed time in the yard watching the birds and taking in the peace and quiet.

dove juvenile | | paula bonelli

juvenile dove that joined me during my rest in the yard

dahlia | | paula bonelli

pretty yellow dahlia

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting several garden parties this year. While spending time with family and friends, we realized how much people enjoy our backyard garden. Like us, they find it beautiful and peaceful.

I also got to work preserving my bi-weekly crop share. I picked a 5-gallon bucket full of basil! Yum. I shared some, made basil pesto and dried the rest for winter use. Basil is an absolute staple in my Italian kitchen. 🙂

basil pick | | paula bonelli

basil pick from CSA

What are you enjoying in your September garden? It’s such a beautiful time of year — still time to enjoy summer in the garden with warm days, cool nights, and low humidity. My perfect weather!

Garden Tips and Reminders for Zone (4b):

  • Fertilize grass in early September.
  • Enjoy your vegetable and herb garden harvest; can , freeze or dry any surplus for the winter months.
  • Divide perennial flowers such as peonies, daylilies and tall garden phlox.
  • Apply water soluble fertilizer to your containers to keep plants abundant.
  • Want to add trees or shrubs to your landscape? Fall is a great time to plant them.
  • These trees (which are susceptible to disease if pruned in the Spring) may be pruned now — maples, birch, black walnut, oaks, honey locust and mountain ash.
  • Go apple picking!

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