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Flowers Still Blooming a Few Weeks Ahead of Schedule August 6, 2012

Our blooms are still a bit ahead of schedule. I thought maybe things would catch up or level out as the summer’s progressed especially since we’ve been relatively dry.

I have these early bloomers making a show in my yard right now.

“Pretty in Pink” mini glads | paula bonelli

pink & white mini gladiolus © Paula Bonelli

Rose of Sharon | paula bonelli

rose of sharon © Paula Bonelli

Even my resurrection lilies are up?! | paula bonelli

resurrection lily buds © Paula Bonelli

Is anything blooming ahead of schedule in your yard? Or what is your favorite flower blooming right now?

My new bed is doing really well for the first year. The Bee Balm, Coneflower, Gladiolus, and Liatris all have at least 1 blossom on the still small plants. I feel like a successful gardener when I stick something in the dirt and it grows! 🙂

My potted herbs are doing well and I’ve enjoyed the first fruits of my Cherry Tomato – yum! | paula bonelli

cherry tomato © Paula Bonelli

Nothing is of great abundance in my small city garden; just small bits of things I love. I’m enjoying it all, including an abundance of fresh vegetables and raspberries in my bi-weekly crop share .

What are you loving in your garden?


2 Responses to “Flowers Still Blooming a Few Weeks Ahead of Schedule”

  1. We’re still ahead of schedule here too! The roses are in a nice rebloom cycle but all the late summer blooms are in full swing. What happens by Labor Day?

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