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Rose-Breasted Grosbeak July 20, 2012

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My husband and I love sitting in the yard on a weekend morning with our coffee watching the backyard birds. It’s a great time to see a variety of them visiting our feeders and flitting about the yard.

On a recent morning, we spotted this beautiful Rose-breasted Grosbeak enjoying the black-oiled sunflower feeder.

rose_breasted_grosbeak, male | | paula bonelli

rose-breasted grosbeak, male

I had a suspicion I’d heard their call around the yard, but wasn’t sure since it can sound like a Robin‘s call and even a bit like an Baltimore Oriole.

Both the male and the female visited throughout the morning, each time so quiet we wouldn’t have noticed them if we hadn’t been watching.

Last year was the first year we’d seen them. They came to the feeders during spring migration. I’m glad they remembered that there is food in our yard!

What birds do you feed and enjoy watching?


2 Responses to “Rose-Breasted Grosbeak”

  1. I love these birds; didn’t realize that their call sounds like a robin. You always have such great bird info to share, Paula!

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