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Cardinal Fledgling July 10, 2012

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Last evening my husband noticed some unusual behavior from a pair of cardinals that frequent our yard. They love the cover of our large pine trees and were hanging around the front porch, sitting on the rail. Not usual activity for them. They much prefer to be a bit farther from our human spaces.

It wasn’t until my husband went out to fill the hummer feeder that hangs from our porch window that he noticed why. There was a baby sitting in the Bridal Wreath right in front of the window. While we examined this new fledgling (from inside), we heard other peeps and saw one other baby in the pine tree right next to the shrub.

I didn’t want to alarm the parents or disturb the baby, so I stepped out on the porch and kept my distance to snap this shot with my phone camera. Adorable!

baby cardinal | | paula bonelli

juvenile cardinal

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We’ve seen juvenile cardinals in the yard before, but not until they are old enough to fly and visit our feeders. This little guy (or gal) couldn’t even fly. Not sure it should’ve been out of the nest yet since all it could do was hop from branch to branch waiting for the parents to bring food.

I really love watching all the birds raise their families in our yard. It’s a never-ending source of entertainment and true joy to see the cycle of life in God’s wonderful creatures. And the thing is, you have to slow down long enough to see it.

A challenge for today — slow down long enough to see the nature around you. I’m amazed at what I see everywhere I go!

What do you see when you sit still and observe your garden or yard?


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2 Responses to “Cardinal Fledgling”

  1. What a sweetie – I hope he stays safe!

    • Paula B Says:

      So far, so good. There are at least 2 of them hanging around the yard trying to find their way. The parents have let us get pretty close, but the babies still can’t fly. I hope nothing eats them before they can!

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