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Garden Center Clearance June 26, 2012

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Most seasonal garden centers are clearing out their inventory and have reduced prices on what’s left. If you still have perennials, shrubs or annuals you’d like to plant, you can save a bundle right now. On my wish list — a shade-friendly hydrangea to replace a sad-looking evergreen globe shrub.

Last week, our local grocery store garden center had everything 50% off. I don’t plant many annuals except my kitchen herbs and flowers by my front door, but recently my Mom handed down some pots and a little plant stand to me. At half off, I might as well fill them!

I found a couple of plants I’d never seen before (not winter hardy here) and couldn’t pass them up. This cute plant (middle) is Millet, Purple Majesty. Looks like a stalk of corn and it will turn deep purple come Fall. It reminds me of years gone by when my yard had plenty of sun and I grew a couple of rows of corn on my little city lot.

millet, purple majesty | | paula bonelli
This plant was not tagged, so I’m not sure what it is. Looks like some sort of ornamental grass and is an annual in my Zone (4b). Looks like fireworks and lends a nice height to my from entry area. I should be able to overwinter it along with my spike plant come Fall.

ornamental annual (grass?) | | paula bonelli

Have you discovered new-to-you perennials or annuals you just had to add to your garden this year?


4 Responses to “Garden Center Clearance”

  1. I really don’t need to be buying anymore plants–but I did! I couldn’t resist some ornamental grasses, and clearance hydrangeas! Now to get them in the ground–suppose to cool a bit this weekend. Are you surviving the heat?

    • Paula B Says:

      Barely. Thank goodness for A/C, but feeling a bit cooped up!
      Great choices on the clearance plants! I would love a shade-loving hydrangea I saw at my local garden center, but budget constraints kept me from picking it up this year. Plus my husband always wonders if we need one more thing in the garden….silly man! 😀
      Enjoy the last few days of heat and hopefully you can get your plants in over the weekend.

  2. Christy Dachelet Says:

    Have you found out what that ornamental grass is that you pictured and said looks like fireworks? I have the same plant in one of my containers this year and love it but I don’t know what it is. I did not save the tag that came with it.

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