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Adding Shrubs and Bulbs to Your Garden June 19, 2012

After a recent visit from a friend and neighbor, she commented on how much work my garden must be. Oh, if she only knew how truly lazy I am when it comes to weeding and tending my little bit of green space!

In the early days, I went the annuals route – beautiful, but way too much work and too much money to keep up year after year. I’ve really learned as the years have gone by. I’ve expanded my beds and tried to keep a variety of perennials so I can simply enjoy what comes up every year.

Without really knowing what I was doing at the time, I also planted 4 (now large) pine trees. They provide a great source of shade for the house and yard, and they give us year-round privacy. Love that!

With the perennials, I’ve planted shrubs that have added depth and structure to my small garden spaces.
What kinds of foundation shrubs do you have?

I love my Shrub Rose. It softens the hard edges of our fence and requires little maintenance and only a bit of pruning –

shrub rose | paulasgardenpatch | paula bonelli

I planted 2 Dogwood  shrubs which provide privacy between yards and the berries are a natural source of food for the birds. I also planted a childhood favorite, Peony. All this hardy shrub needs to survive for years is dappled sun and well-drained soil –

peony | paulasgardenpatch | paula bonelli

I’m getting better at choosing bulbs that provide me with blooms throughout the season. At first, I had mostly spring-blooming bulbs. Frankly, I didn’t know there were bulbs for later blooms. 🙂  Putting bulbs in your perennial garden gives you early blooms before any other perennials, plus the foliage of surrounding perennials conceals the bulb’s fading foliage as summer marches on.

My recent late-summer blooming bulb additions include Liatris and Gladiolus –

liatris, glad bulbs | paulasgardenpatch | paula bonelli

Which late-blooming bulbs are your favorite?

Add beauty to your yard with a variety of bulbs. And give your garden “bones” with shrubs — which you can find on clearance now through the end of June at most garden centers.


4 Responses to “Adding Shrubs and Bulbs to Your Garden”

  1. Love the liatris! I had them at my old house, and just planted them this year here–in front of the play house. Do you dig up your gladiolus in the Fall?

    • Paula B Says:

      IDK – this is the first time I’ve had them…I thought they were Zone 4 hardy. Guess I better check. I’m not a fan of digging anything up in the fall….

      • Paula, they are hardy for our zone 4. I just meant I had them at our old house in town, and planted them this year here for the first time. I found them to stay in a nice rounded clump. So much of what I have now is “spreading” like crazy. I’m trying to convince myself the “wild”, “crazy” garden is a good thing!

      • Paula B Says:

        Great! Thanks for the info. I’m trying to convince my hubby that a wild, crazy garden is OK. He wants to trim and prune everything! hehe

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