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Baby Bird Antics June 15, 2012

The yard has been a hotbed of baby bird activity. My hubby and I get such a kick out of watching the newbies find their way in our yard.

They check out the feeders, but aren’t sure just how to land or stand to get at the food, often slipping off their perch! The Downy Woodpeckers haven’t figured out how to land on top of the feeder, instead they try to hang on to the pole of the shepherd’s hook. They look so funny sliding down.

juvenile downy woodpecker | | paula bonell

juvenile downy woodpecker

The Chickadees and Nuthatches are curious and not a bit afraid of us. While I was filling a small tray feeder with black-oiled sunflower seeds, a wee Chickadee was so close I thought sure he’d eat right out of my hand.

I bet there are no less than 8 baby Robins flitting around with their high-pitched, squeaky “feed me” sounds.  The only reason you can even tell they are juveniles is from their spotty breast. Otherwise they are already the size of their parents.

baby robins on fence | | paula bonelli

3 baby robins

baby robin | | paula bonelli

baby robin

The other night while having supper on the deck, we watched a Nuthatch chase away a Downy Woodpecker by flaring his wings out and holding his ground on the suet feeder. I’ve never seen them defend a feeder like that before. True entertainment!

What bird antics have been happening in your yard?


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