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Garden Party June 12, 2012

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garden party | | paula bonelli

We had a wonderful garden party last weekend with dear family and friends. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the entire afternoon and evening among the flowers and birds catching up, listening to music, eating, and relaxing.

garden party munchies | | paula bonelli               mini cupcakes | garden party | | paula bonelli

Actually, the reason for the party was to celebrate a milestone birthday (mine) and, no, I’m not telling you how old I am! I wanted guests to come and share in the celebration sans gifts, but some people don’t know how to follow instructions :-|, so I was blessed with many wonderful presents.

I received a great tail-prop suet feeder from Jim, Amy & Turner, a wonderful new shade perennial from Don & Carol (Geum chiloense, Blazing Sunset), an annual dish garden from Theresa, a basket of yummy Italian food goodies from Keith & Rosann, a restaurant gift certificate from Michael, Ruth, Jordan & Maggie, and many bouquets of flowers from various people.

tail prop suet feeder | | paula bonelli

I am overwhelmed, feel very loved and I’m certainly blessed.

My husband and children worked very hard to host this party for me. A very special thank you goes out to them for everything they did to make the day perfect. Thanks to my dear sister-in-law and her family for preparing the most amazing mini cupcakes, and thanks to ALL of you who made my day so very special in many ways. I will treasure the memory forever. ❤


4 Responses to “Garden Party”

  1. Happy Birthday, Paula! Sounds like you had the perfect party 🙂

  2. Happiest Birthday Paula! So glad you had good weather and it looks very inviting in the yard, and the food looks yummy!

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