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Immature Red-Winged Blackbird May 25, 2012

We had an awful lot of rain yesterday and many lightning strikes. I was wary of leaving my laptop plugged into the docking station at my desk, so I took it to the kitchen to work. (My last computer blew up from a lightning strike!)

While I was busy working on a project, I heard a loud, high-pitched bird call I didn’t recognize so I went to the porch to have a look. I listened and waited until I could see what was making this unfamiliar sound. The bird was in our Elm tree — a juvenile (immature) male Red-winged Blackbird. He made his way to the side yard where he searched the food sources and continued to sing. He didn’t sing the usual call of this kind of bird. (Listen to the sound I heard, the “check” call, here.)

I didn’t get a picture since I was too busy watching him with my binocs. Here’s what he looked like, courtesy of Cornell’s

Immature Male Red-Winged Blackbird


The Red-winged Blackbird usually prefers marshy areas and wetlands, but I do see them through my yard during migratory periods looking for food. They’ll forage for seeds and mixed grains in backyards. You might see them under feeders as they prefer to feed from the ground.

Do these birds visit your yard?


2 Responses to “Immature Red-Winged Blackbird”

  1. I have never seen one! Lot’s of baby bird action here also. The baby robins struggled in the wind the other day–the parents were frantic!
    The House Wren’s are gone not too.

    • Paula B Says:

      The baby bird action is crazy. Yesterday we enjoyed watching our baby chickadees investigate and discover the yard. They are hilarious! They check out everything and can’t fly very well. They look like bumbling idiots. 🙂 And they aren’t afraid — I was filling a feeder for them and if I would have been fast enough I think one would have eaten right out of my hand.

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