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Local Garden Center Highlight May 22, 2012

Today I want to highlight a local garden center in nearby Lonsdale. Karen and Frank Marshall having been serving the local community for 10 years at Hillside Gift & Garden Center.

I stopped by for a visit in mid-April when Karen hosts an event called Plant your own Pot Day. You bring in your pot and make the mess there. Clever! We’re so ready for some flowers by then. You can bring your favorite pot or pots, use her dirt, choose flowers and get a jump start on a beautiful summer container. She’ll even keep it in her greenhouse until the weather permits you to put it out at your home.

I was impressed with the variety of plants she has in just a couple of green houses. My fav – the succulents! I started a succulent garden in a few stacked pots last year and fell in love. Karen has a great selection of succulents. My pots are in a shady area under a large pine next to the deck; succulents make a such a nice container. Of course, they are to be treated as annuals in Zone 4, but they’ll over-winter nicely.

succulents container garden | | paula bonelli

I plan on attending Succulent Sundays to choose a few more plants to add to my pots. The 1st and 3rd Sundays in May and June are set aside for you to make a succulent container. If you need pots, she has them. Stop by and try a succulent container this year.

Have you discovered succulent plants? Which ones do you love most? A favorite of mine is Cerveza ‘n Lime (Plectranthrus). When you rub the leaves they smell like lime. 😀


4 Responses to “Local Garden Center Highlight”

  1. Love the idea of “plant your own pot day”! I have a few succulents – a friend keeps me in a lovely tender blue succulent, and I have a few hardy types. That said, they are not my favorite but I did visit a roof top garden in the Rome suburbs that featured 95% succulents. The owner was an actress who traveled and she had a garden of succulents because they could survive any conditions and her absence for weeks at a time – something to keep in mind for traveling gardeners!

  2. Paula, I have to admit I have never shopped in Lonsdale–I’m going to have to check it out–I love to shop at smaller, local owner places. Maybe we could meet up on Succulent Sunday! I just started a 2nd succulent container in front of the greenhouse, but need to add more to it. I’m so going to get one those Cerveza /n Lime!

    • Paula B Says:

      I live near and it was the first time I’d been. Karen is super helpful. I sure hope she has Cerveza ‘n Lime. The garden center I got it from last year is not carrying it this year. I’d love to meet. I have a commitment the 1st Sunday in June, but how about the 3rd? (Jun 17)

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