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Can Your Garden Qualify as a Certified Wildlife Habitat? April 15, 2012

I didn’t start out with the thought that I would attract wildlife, birds, etc. As I naturally planned and landscaped adding trees, shrubs and plants to a once-bare yard, I ended up with a sustainable garden where wildlife find habitat — food, water, cover, and nesting.

Now my garden is certified! I’ve met The National Wildlife Federation guidelines and my yard is mini-refuge #155,794.

National Wildlife Certification | | paula bonelli

Think your yard qualifies? Check out the guidelines at NWF and join the growing number of mini-refuges in the world.


3 Responses to “Can Your Garden Qualify as a Certified Wildlife Habitat?”

  1. Congratulations, Paula. My place is certified too; it is such a great thing to do, as witnessed by the many birds you have! It was eerily silent here when we came, now it is such a busy place filled with birds, butterflies, insects – makes me happy but it is even more important for all the creatures. Did you get a sign to put up?

    • Paula B Says:

      Like minds…makes me happy too. I did order a sign but haven’t received it yet. I hope I’ve encouraged others to do the same! Sorry, I’ve been traveling the past 2 weeks and haven’t had a chance to read my fellow bloggers…I’ll catch up with yours soon. 😀

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