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Lowdown on Gardening Apps April 13, 2012

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My dear husband graciously gave me an iPad for Christmas. Wow, I was stunned! Thanks, DH! 😀 I tell you, I use it for everything! It’s not 3G capable; but WiFi-enabled suits my needs jut fine. The best part? All the apps that make my work simpler and play much more fun!

The New York Times recently had a good review of apps for gardeners and landscapers. There are a couple for both Apple and Android that are free and worth a look. The Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News (free on Apple and on Android, as Garden Guide), and Gardening How-To (free on iPad and Android) made by The National Home Gardening Club of which I’m a Lifetime Member. I’m also going to try Gardener (free on Android; not available on Apple).

Garden Guide – limited information about growing all kinds of plants and vegetables, hints and tips along with a small resource section. I have it on my iPad, but it’s sized for a smartphone; easy to navigate.

garden_guide_app_image | | paula bonelli

Gardening How-To – this full color magazine app covers all aspects of gardening as well as outdoor spaces, member garden highlights, and gardening products. Great on the iPad.

garden how-to app image | | paula bonelli

Gardener  – a journal app where you can record, track and manage all your plants. You can keep track of work done, as well as keep pictures and details of your blooms. The timeline feature allows you to see the progress of your plantings and helps you plan for future tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, even watering, by issuing reminders on due dates. Woohoo! No more paper journals or trying to remember to write on my blog journal page.

gardener_app_image | | paula bonelli

Do you use any gardening apps? Which do you find most useful?

This touches on only a few simple apps; there are a lot more gardening and landscaping apps on the market. Do a search in either the Android or Apple app marketplaces for a complete list with prices and reviews. I’m cheap and usually only get the free apps, but there are more robust apps out there for a fee.


3 Responses to “Lowdown on Gardening Apps”

  1. Paula, I have lots of iPad apps but never thought of gardening apps! Thanks for the tips, time to explore 🙂

  2. […] Lowdown on Gardening Apps ( […]

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