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Spring’s Dawn March 20, 2012

The dawn of another Spring is upon us! On the first day of Spring here in the Midwest, we have mild temperatures, fresh rainfall from a late evening thunderstorm, and the serenade of many birds. New plants are emerging, birds are looking for places to nest, and people are waking from winter’s hibernation.

Before it rained yesterday, I took some time before dinner to get out my rake and clean up a bed uncovering little green nubs poking their heads out of the ground everywhere.

But this hasn’t been a typical Spring dawn. We’ve already enjoyed several meals al fresco, donned our shorts and sandals, moved our jogging outdoors, and even considered turning on the A/C! No, not your typical Spring.

Many things are new in Spring – maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorite seasons. I’m not sure I actually have a favorite. But I DON’T like Winter much, so any of the other seasons could vie for my fav. After a long, dark winter I’m anxious for “new” — new things to look at, new projects outside, new travels, new ideas — everything has promise in the Spring.

Spring’s dawn is definitely different this year, but welcome just the same. What new things will you do this Spring?

P.S. If you need bulbs or perennials this Spring, would you consider supporting a garden fundraiser I’m participating in? I sing with our local community choir (Hymnus) and we are raising money to support a trip to NYC in November. We were invited to sing Handel’s Messiah with a festival choir at the Lincoln Center! We are a non-profit, community-based 501(3)c organization. You order direct with Gurney’s Flower Power and items will be shipped directly to you. The choir earns 50% of each sale. Thanks, in advance, for your help!


6 Responses to “Spring’s Dawn”

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  2. Love the Robin’s eggs and nest – great photo! I’ll order some things from Gurney’s – music and gardening are a great combination 🙂

  3. I love having the windows open and having the birds wake me before the alarm clock!
    I always joke about dreaming of living and gardening in a zone 5–but me thinks this is like zone 6!!!!!
    Love it….

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