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Sounds of Childhood March 16, 2012

I have fond memories of spending hot summer days at Witter’s Lake in Wautoma, Wisconsin near my grandparent’s home. Several family members had summer cabins on this small lake just a few miles from town.

I remember having oatmeal with my great grandmother and swimming with my cousins in the shallow waters. One summer, I had a broken wrist and I had to swim with my arm straight up so as not to get my cast wet. How silly that must have looked! Those days were happy and carefree.

It was there that I heard my first Bluejay. At the time, I can’t say I was actually conscious of its sound or even what kind of bird it was. It was just a sound I remembered. Now when I hear the Bluejays in Spring, their familiar song takes me right back to those days at Witter’s Lake surrounded by family and enjoying the mellow days of summer.

Bluejays have always been in my neighborhood, but only this past Winter did they venture into our yard on a regular basis. I started putting peanuts out last year and they’ve discovered them. I have a regular pair that comes around in the morning to get their breakfast. But this morning, there was a newbie in the yard. He didn’t quite know where the feeder is. I got such a kick out of watching him hop all around the area, but not see the small tray feeder right next to him! Hilarious.

I also use peanuts to live trap the unending population of squirrels and relocate them far away. 🙂 I have the trap right under the tray feeder since squirrels love peanuts too.This Bluejay was trying so hard to get the peanuts inside the trap by pecking and digging all around it. If he only knew there was a buffet just above his head.

Here he is when he finally figured it out — ready to fly away with his prize.

bluejay with peanut | | paula bonelli

blue jay

Do Bluejays come to your feeders? I know they can be bullies, but they seem to keep to themselves so I’m glad to have them around. They are such pretty birds.


2 Responses to “Sounds of Childhood”

  1. I love these rascals too – noisy, beautiful and bold. They are all around us here, throughout the year and sometimes fly to the deck to look for more food. I keep the feathers they drop – so beautiful.

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