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Shameless Plug February 28, 2012

tuscan olive branch | | paula bonelli

tuscan olives

Well, I’ve stooped to a shameless plug for a trip I’m hosting this Fall. Seems to me that many times readers that are gardeners are often times foodies. Gardening and cooking go hand-in-hand if you grow or raise any kind of food for your family.

In 2010, I was able to take a trip that I’ll never forget. I traveled to Italy (Tuscany) with 2 family members to cook on an olive farm for 6 days. I love to cook, I’m Italian and I adore traveling. I don’t need to tell you I was in HEAVEN!

Have you ever experienced something that you feel so connected with that you can’t put it into words? It just feels as if you belong? That was what Italy was like for me. I’m sure it was as much anticipation, as it was making sense of all my childhood experiences as a 3rd generation Italian-American all coming together, that made it feel like home. I had teased my husband that I might not come back! LOL

For several years, I’d been sharing family recipes on my Paula’s Italian Kitchen Web site. My family has an annual reunion in Wisconsin where we spend precious time catching up and keeping up with our extended families. As my grandmother’s generation began passing, I was determined to save recipes from our heritage. So I began sharing  bits and pieces of what I’d learned from my mother and grandmother for future generations.

Even before the trip, some of my ideas were germinating (no pun intended) haha. I thought it would be grand to host small groups to cook in Italian kitchens and learn authentic cuisine hands-on. What better way to share my love of all things Italian with other foodies?

While I was in Italy, I was able to make a couple of connections and the pieces are coming together. Even more ideas have spawned as I begin to work through ideas for local classes, as well as food tours in the U.S.  Any way, I ramble…

If you’re a foodie and think it would be fun to cook at a 16th-century villa in Tuscany this Fall, meet me there and we’ll have a grand time! More details and registration.

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4 Responses to “Shameless Plug”

  1. Paula, you continually surprise me! I didn’t know about your food blog – how cool! I love to cook, I love Italy, and I have looked at that Tuscan cooking school a few times. I can’t get away this year but it sounds wonderful! I hope you get a great response and I’m a little envious:-)

    • Paula B Says:

      Hi Lynn–if you don’t mind I’ll keep you in the loop. This is just the first trip ofseveral to Tuscany. I’m also working with a woman who holds classes in Sicily and 2 women from Venice! I would love to meet you some day. And wouldn’t it be lovely to do so in Italy!!

    • Paula B Says:

      Since this is my inaugural trip, I’d welcomeany thoughts you have about the program and trip info. Did you have unanswered questions after looking it over? Thx so much!

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