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Write About What You Love February 24, 2012

I don’t claim to be much of a writer. But I do enjoy sharing the tales of my gardening and birding adventures (in my Minnesota backyard and beyond) via this site. The connectedness and reach we have with today’s technology, simple pleasure writings can turn into much more. I began this site and my writings about my garden and backyard birds back in August of 2009. Who knew how many people it would reach? I’m truly blessed.

I had so much fun writing and blogging for Birds and Blooms last year, that when when my contract came to a close at the end of 2011, I wondered where my next freelance opportunities might spring up.

Within days of completing my work with Birds and Blooms, I received a call from a publisher in the Twin Cities who was looking for a contributor for a new publication, Seasons and Generations.  I found an instant fit — their motto is “Our season’s change from warmer to colder, Our generations change from younger to older. Let’s weather them both, always together!” — Laure Rausch, publisher

I’m very proud to be part of the first edition of this new magazine distributed to the north Twin Cities! Thanks for the opportunity, Laure. 🙂

P.S. Write about what you love — I promise, someone wants to read it. And try this treat for your birds; mine love it!

bird treats article in print | | paula bonelli

March Edition, Seasons and Generations


3 Responses to “Write About What You Love”

  1. Angie Says:

    hooray!! so proud of you! 😀 😀

  2. Oh Paula, that is SO wonderful! Congratulations 🙂

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