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Nestcams February 14, 2012

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red-bellied woodpecker | | copyright paula bonelli

red-bellied woodpecker, copyright paula bonelli

I love watching birds up close and personal. My fav spot to do this is in my own backyard. It’s one of the unexpected joys that came from developing my once plain yard into a natural backyard retreat that now attracts all kinds of birds, butterflies and small wildlife.

When I can’t get out with my binocs, either into the yard or for a walk in the woods, I like to watch nests on a Web cam. I’d love one for my own yard, but the ones I’m watching can be found online.

Last year I was hooked on watching the Decorah eagles provide food for their eaglets (March).

This year, since joining Project FeederWatch, I found more Web nestcams at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology site. The Lab of Ornithology is such a wealth of information, tools and resources for birders. Discover and learn more about birds and become a citizen scientist. It’s fun!

I figured if I enjoyed the Web nestcams so much, maybe other birders would too. So here are links to some I’ve enjoyed watching.

Cornell Nestcams

Hummingbird Nestcam

Decorah, Iowa Eagles’ Nestcam

Other Eagle Nestcams (US and Canada)

Owl Nestcams

These links have a permanent home on the Nestcams page, which you can find in the upper right corner.

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4 Responses to “Nestcams”

  1. Paula, I finally heard the birds singing this morning and they are starting to come to the heated birdbath. Yea!!! I have to check out these webcams, what a great idea!

  2. […] Nestcams ( 50.073003 -125.157006 Rate this: Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Filed under Adventures in Beachcombing and tagged 365, Amos, art, bald eagle, beach, Big year, bird, Bird food, birdfeeder, birds, Birdwatching, blog, California, cameras, canada, coast, craft, create, culture, DIY, eagle, eagles, entertainment, family, fish, food, fun, Hummingbird, Jack Black, love, make, movies, ocean, OwenWilson, pets, Photo-essay, photography, photos, Quadra island, Recreation, slideshow, slr, Steve Martin, the big year, video, Webcam, | Leave a comment […]

  3. […] activity that always feels like spring is watching nesting activities on the various live nestcams across the nation. Why not get ready to watch nesting in your own yard by checking out NestWatch? […]

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