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Force Hyacinth Now for Easter Blooms January 31, 2012

Well I’m about 2 weeks behind getting my hyacinth started so that I’ll have blooms in time for Easter. Ideally bloom time occurs 12-14 weeks after you plant, so I’ll do it today! My hubby has been reminding me for a few weeks now. But I was sure I knew that it was a bit too early; when will I learn that he has a better memory for these things than I? Thanks, DH!

forcing hyacinth bulb | | paula bonelli

© Paulla Bonelli

I tested 2 methods last year — planting my bulb in dirt and planting my bulb using the traditional glass vase water method. The vase worked much better ultimately producing a bigger flower with a longer bloom time.

The vases can be hard to find, but last fall I found them online at American Meadows and purchased 3. (P.S. They are on sale for $6.73 right now! That’s more than 1/2 off!!)

If you don’t want to wait for an online order to come, check your big box stores. Although your selection may be limited, they have a supply of bulbs in stock now.

If you have multiples, you can stagger the start time allowing 2 weeks between plantings so that you have a constant parade of blooms. 🙂

A forced bulb makes a really nice gift — give it as a hostess gift for Easter dinner. Everyone loves flowers and hyacinth are particularly fragrant.

Planting instructions (for glass vase method):

  • Fill glass with water to just beneath the bulb’s roots (water should not touch bulb).
  • Place bulb in vase.
  • Place vase in a cool, dark, ventilated space where temps are between 40 and 50 degrees (I put mine in a corner of the basement by an outside wall. I also covered them with a brown bag to be sure they don’t get too much light yet.)
  • Check progress every week and water as necessary.
  • When bud is about 3″ tall (about 10-12 weeks), move vase to a sunny location where temps are between 60 and 70 degrees.
  • Continue to water turning vase regularly to ensure a straight stem (it will grow toward the light source).
  • Enjoy your beautiful blooms and the delicate fragrance of hyacinth!

Do you force bulbs for an early dose of Spring? Have you forced other bulbs? I’d love to hear about your experiences with other types of bulbs!

Read more about forcing hyacinth bulbs indoors — Forcing a Hyacinth Bulb, Forcing a Hyacinth Bulb: Progress Photo, and Forcing a Hyacinth Bulb: Progress Update.


2 Responses to “Force Hyacinth Now for Easter Blooms”

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