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Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart January 24, 2012

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pink bleeding heart | | paula bonelli

© Paula Bonelli

My Bleeding Hearts are some of the first plants to bloom in the Spring (Apr, May).  Their cascading heart-shaped blooms are one of my favorites. Last year, mine didn’t do very well. I have 2; one pink and one white.  I think I probably need to try fertilizing them and see how they do this year. The white one was in the worst shape so I planted another; I hope the fertilizer does the pink one some good!

I’d like to look for a Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart. It has a similar pendant-shaped blossom, with ruby red flowers (great for attracting hummingbirds!) that have white scalloped edges.  It’s also a perennial that can tolerate part- to full-shade. Rather than going dormant during summer months like the Old-Fashioned, the Burning Hearts blooms from March (weather permitting) to September in Zones 3-9.

burning hearts bleeding heart | | paula bonelli

photo courtesy of Skagit Gardens

I also like the silvery fern-like foliage; looks sturdier than the Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart. All cultivars of Bleeding Hearts are deer-resistant.

More About Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart

Botanical name:  Dicentra

Common name: Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart

Estimated mature height: 10-12″ tall

Bloom time: early to late summer

Where to buy

American Meadows, 877-309-7333,

Holland Bulb Farms, 800-689-2852,

Spring Hill Nursery,


8 Responses to “Burning Hearts Bleeding Heart”

  1. Hmmm, I swore “no new plants!” but this is tempting! I also love bleeding hearts – they do well enough here to self sow, but the deer eat the ferny leaf ones so I put those behind the fence. I do have just the right spot for Burning Hearts 🙂

    • Paula B Says:

      Now I’ve tempted you. Lol They are beautiful! I ordered a potted plant from American Meadows for $12; will arrive in March.

  2. Thank you for this info. I am expanding my gardens into a shaded area and hope to add bleeding heart.
    I had them in town at my old home, but none have been planted here yet!!!

    • Paula B Says:

      They are beautiful. I started to order a burning hearts bleeding heart online, but it was going to come as a bare root instead of a plant. So I decided against it since I haven’t had much luck with bare root plants. I’m hoping I can find one at a local garden center instead. If you find them in the area, please let me know and I’ll do the same!

  3. Rick Jaspers Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site, Paula! And also for the “likes”. I hope your bleeding hearts preform better this year.
    We are fortunate in our location to have Pacific bleeding hearts growing wild in the forests. I have a wooded acre of land in my back yard, and it is filled with bleeding hearts in the spring. The flowers are not so colorful and showy as yours, but the foliage is feathery like the photo you have of the burning hearts. It creates a lovely edging around the trail, and when the long stemmed flowers show themselves, it is an added bonus.
    I have some photos from the last couple years. I will try to put a post together in the next couple days, so you can see what they look like.

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