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Longing for Blooms January 17, 2012

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OK, I think winter is officially here with the typical bitter cold of January. Still, there is not much snow to talk about. Bad for those that like to ski, ice fish or snowmobile. Good for people like me that really can do without winter!

Even though we’re cooped up inside, we can still dream about our gardens. Here are some things you can do now to pass the cold days and dream of your garden in springtime.seed catalog circa 1882 via |

  • Continue to feed and enjoy your winter birds
  • Plan your Spring garden
    –Start browsing through seed catalogs and get your order ready.
    –Are there plants or shrubs you wanted to add? Do your research now, plan where you’ll plant them and decide where you’ll purchase them.
  • Start forcing hyacinth or other spring bulbs to stay sane until the arrival of Spring!
  • Check on the hibernating plants you placed in your basement or garage. They might be showing some growth with our mild weather. No need to do anything with them now, but if they look like they’re dead, add them to your list of plants to buy.
  • On a sunny day, find a sunny window and look through your summer photographs.
  • Find some Spring images and use them as your computer wallpaper
  • Need a fundraising idea? Growing Green has a bulb fundraising program for groups of any size.
  • In Minneapolis, plan to go to the Home & Garden Show Feb. 29 – Mar. 4, 2012 (Other Home & Garden Shows in the U.S.)

What plans do you have for your yard or garden this Spring? Any projects? Any new plants, trees or shrubs?

If you don’t have your own summer flower photogs, take a look at these and pretend you’re sitting in your garden with a cool iced-tea. 🙂


4 Responses to “Longing for Blooms”

  1. perfect day to enjoy garden pics!

  2. Ah, Paula! What a welcome post – so long until spring . . . I’ve ordered my seeds and now I’m beginning to catalog my garden photos from last season. Hope springs eternal and your photos were a very welcome sight this morning 🙂

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