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Make Your Own: Garden-Themed Gift Tags December 14, 2011

I’m all about efficiency and I love a bargain! I printed some garden-themed gift tags for attaching to my Christmas gifts this year. I figured there must be more out there, so I was on the hunt so I could share.

Don’t spend money and gas running to the store.  Even if your wrapping in the wee hours of the morning, just print them on heavy paper and cut them out. Punch a hole, add some pretty ribbon or twine, and attach to your gift. Easy peasy! Find some gift tags you like and get wrapping.

All the links below are free downloads.bird house gift tag example | | paula bonelli

Whimsical outdoor/garden (blank tags are on page 2)


Nature- and Bird-themed (these are my fav; simple graphic designs)

City Girl Farm/Outdoor Theme

Victorian Christmas (Victorian children with greens of the season)

Here are more printable gift tags that are not garden-themed, but cute!

Whimsical Santas, Snowmen and Penguins

Christmas Variety

Three Wisemen

What ways do you save a buck during the holiday gift-giving season? I love new ideas! Leave yours in the comment section below.


2 Responses to “Make Your Own: Garden-Themed Gift Tags”

  1. Paula, how clever! I didn’t even know these were online; love the nature themed ones. Thanks for sharing these great links!

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