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Garden-Themed Wreath December 9, 2011


garden-themed wreath | | paula bonelli


garden-themed wreath birds | | paula bonelli


Original post:

I’m sure you have your tree up by now, but do you have a few spots that still need a bit of holiday cheer? My tree is up, but only has lights on it. I’m getting ready to decorate it — I love to do a themed tree! I like minimal decorations that make an impact along with my treasured, sentimental ornaments.

I thought it would be fun to decorate a wreath and my porch planter with a garden and/or bird theme this year. There are so many ornaments and decor out there for just about any hobby you can imagine. I ventured to a big box store to find ornaments and came back with birds and bird houses.

bird ornaments | | copyright paula bonelli

That will do! And I could definitely snag some twigs, dried flower pods, red dogwood branches, or pine cones from my yard to add another layer of natural elements.

One year, my Aunt had huge dried hydrangea blossoms that she sprayed and simply “tucked” into her tree. It was so beautiful! Dried baby’s breath, lambs’ ear, statice or holly berry would work great too.

Do you decorate with a theme inspired by nature? Share your ideas by commenting below. I love new ideas! Since inspiring decorating ideas are not my strength, I keep my eyes peeled to see what I can “steal” from others! LOL

Here are some QUICK TIPS for pulling your arrangements together:

  •  Don’t make it symmetrical – an asymmetric look is more interesting.
  • Use odd numbers  – this will help add impact and interest. This works with plantings in your yard too! That being said, I see I grabbed an EVEN number of ormaments….DOH!
  • Choose a focal point – weight items around a focal point to draw the eye.
  • Know when to stop – less is more. When there is too much going on, the eye doesn’t know where to look; give it a visual “break.”
  • Use wire – securing elements with wire will help them stay put, especially if it will be placed outdoors.

Get more ideas by visiting your garden centers, attending local holiday events and shopping local. You’ll see lots of great decorating ideas, and heck, no one will know if you “steal” a few for your own use. Mix it up and have fun!

What will your arrangements look like this year? Share your inspirations by leaving a comment or take some inspiration from the large wreath at our Minnesota Governor’s residence. Mark Dayton is a dog-lover and avid outdoorsman. Diane Lee, of Mickman Brothers Landscapes for Living, designed his wreath with woodsy things like feathers, pine cones, cranberries, and a small pheasant. This will hang on the red brick exterior of the home.

MN Governor's Residence wreath | image courtesy of via | paula bonelli

image courtesy of


9 Responses to “Garden-Themed Wreath”

  1. maria jose Says:

    You always have to use theme to make your garden beautiful. There are many natural themes which makes anyone surprised while they enter in your garden. Thanks for giving such a innovative information on gardening.

  2. Please share your finished wreath! Can’t wait. Still decorating here a bit!

    • Paula B Says:

      Me too…don’t know why I’m so slow getting things together this year…I have the photos on my phone and I’ll upload them today if I can.

    • Paula B Says:

      Photos are up Stacy…like I said, decorating is not my strength, but my hubby liked them. I haven’t gotten to the porch pots yet…so far they just have my greens and a sled in them. Would love to see your ideas!

  3. Paula, I have a woodland tree in my family room, filled with lots of birds along with other woodland creatures. Lots of fun to do this, But haven’t tried it on a wreath. I used to spray allium heads with metallic paint, which make great additions to a floral arrangement. These days I just use the natural look 🙂

    • Paula B Says:

      Oh – love the allium idea. I have some giant ones that would work great and planted more for this spring. They look like fireworks in the garden. I ended up decorating wreaths because I couldn’t find enough stuff for the tree. I’ll see if I can get some photos posted…decorating isn’t my strength, but my hubby liked them.

  4. Love it and your beautiful door!

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