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Cat Rant December 2, 2011

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I noticed last weekend that the birds were unusually absent and I couldn’t figure out why. They had food, water and the weather was perfect. Then a couple of days later, I discovered a half-eaten house finch in my garage. 😦 A cat is making meals of my birds! Grrr.

We have a fence and no pets by choice, yet one keeps climbing our fence and getting in our yard. People! Please keep your pets in your own yards!!

I’ll get rid of this one. I have a live trap set to catch the prowling kitty. Then it’s off to the pound. Maybe the fee to get their kitty back will teach them a lesson. End of rant.

cat in live trap

Do you have unwanted critters in your yard? What do you do to keep them out?


3 Responses to “Cat Rant”

  1. I know they are tough on the birds, but . . As a gardener, I miss having my neighbor’s cats prowling the garden, since they kept the moles, voles, and rabbits at bay. Always a mixed blessing.

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