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Project FeederWatch November 18, 2011

Since I love feeding and watching my feathered friends, I decided to become a “citizen scientist” and help Cornell Lab of Ornithology count birds.

black-capped chickadees | | paula bonelli

I joined the Project FeederWatch program. There is a small fee to join and then they send you a calendar of birds to watch for by month, a poster with all the common birds of North America, and instructions for how to count the birds at your feeder.  I, in turn, will count the birds at my feeder and log the information at their Website (you can also fill out paper forms and mail them in).

Become a citizen scientist! Find out more about the program at
Bird counts started on November 12 and run through April, but it’s not too late to start.

What birds are you seeing this month in your yard?

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5 Responses to “Project FeederWatch”

  1. Paula, great idea! I’ve always wanted to do this but think about it far too late to participate. Thanks for the link.

    • Paula B Says:

      You’re welcome, Lynn. This past weekend, we had fun watching our cardinal pair and a female downy woodpecker born to our yard this past summer. We’ve named her Lois! What a hoot watching her get bigger and feel comfortable enough in our yard to just hang about. Hope your fall is going well. We had our first snow on Saturday. It’s pretty, but ugh, 6 long months of dreariness…

  2. Our cardinal pair have been around quite a lot but the woodpecker has been taking his toll of our cedar house! I was wondering about your weather; I have a friend who lives near St. Paul and describes the long winters. We never know here; yesterday was in the 60’s, today cooler and rainy. A very snowy winter has been predicted but so far we’ve only had the weird early snow in October. I don’t mind the snow- good winter mulch, but the ice is the worst part, especially on our hilly roads. Winter sports for me include reading in front of the fireplace and planning next year’s garden!

    • Paula B Says:

      I’ll take 60’s! 🙂 We’re in the 40’s, but they promise a warm up to 50 on Thanksgiving. Hurray. Snow is much easier than ice, that’s for sure. I love your winter sports – some very similar to mine! lol

  3. […] Project FeederWatch ( […]

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