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Dividing Irises November 16, 2011

Do your irises look like this? Is there a ‘dead’ spot right in the center?

iris, overgrown | | paula bonelli

'dead' center of overgrown iris

Time to divide! It’s really simple. Here’s how:

  • Dig up the entire patch of irises by loosening the dirt all around it. If it’s really large, just cut it into sections with your shovel and then lift out the sections. Try not to disturb the roots.
  • Using a knife or sharp spade, divide the clump into workable sections no larger than 6″. Sometimes you can even accomplish this by pulling them apart with your hands; just depends on how overgrown they are.
  • Using a pruners, cut off all the dead, odd-shaped and overgrown rhizomes and discard.
  • Re-plant your newly pruned and separated clumps. Maintain the same planting depth as before. If you have singles, just put a few together in a hole.
  • Water well until ground freezes and through the first blooming season.

This method works well for most perennials. If you have more than you need, share with a friend! I love having specials blooms in my yard from dear friends or family. Reminds me of them. 🙂

What flowers do you have that were from others’ gardens?

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