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Fall Fun at Olbrich Gardens October 18, 2011

On a gorgeous fall day during a recent visit to see my children, we headed to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens (Madison WI) for a stroll.

We had planned on taking in the famous Farm Market surrounding the Capitol Square and keep my daughter company while she vended her beautiful jewelry. But the wind did not cooperate, forcing most vendors to pack it in.

It was a disappointment only in the sense that our plans changed unexpectedly. Spending time together was the important thing; it didn’t matter how.

We decided it was far too nice to be couped up inside so we headed to the nearby Gardens. We really figured there wouldn’t be much to see; we were just anxious to soak up some fall sunshine.

Boy were we wrong! They had beautiful fall decorations around the entrance and in planters near the doors. But beyond that, it was all the natural beauty that drew us deeper into the gardens. The hydrangea shrubs had monstrous blooms, plump berries adorned bushes and vines, fuzzy caterpillars were basking in the sun, delightful blossoms filled shrub roses, and the lush green color of evergreen groundcovers and grasses created a beautiful backdrop.

hydrangea | olbrich gardens | | paula bonelli


caterpillar | | paula bonelli

shrub rose | olbrich gardens | | paula bonelli

shrub rose

evergreen groundcover | olbrich gardens | | paula bonelli

groundcover (name unknown)

ornamental grass | olbrich gardens | | paula bonelli

ornamental grass (name unknown)

As you can see, I stopped frequently to snap pictures. Or to plead with my son NOT to eat the berries, pods, nuts, whatever! I promise we fed him – maybe he was after dessert?! Just funnin’ with ya, Drew. 😉 LOL

What fun have you been having this fall? Are you still enjoying any birding or gardening activities? Tell me by commenting below.  🙂


2 Responses to “Fall Fun at Olbrich Gardens”

  1. This is a wonderful garden, isn’t it? I’ve been there and was impressed by the rock gardens especially.

    • Paula B Says:

      I do love it. My daughter lives in Madison, so we get to go often. And we don’t take in the entire garden each time; just bits and pieces. I haven’t seen the rock garden yet; I’ll have to be sure and check it out next time we’re there!

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