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Still Blooming… October 11, 2011

During the last few days of warmth, my morning glory is still blooming. It’s only a blossom or two and the foliage looks pathetic, but you can’t beat the hardiness of this fast-growing vine. It’s easily started from seed, thrives in a sunny spot and may even reseed the following year.

morning glory

morning glory

I’ve got mine in a planter climbing up from the deck to our second-story balcony. It does much better directly in the ground; my neighbors is a true violet color, is still lush, green and loaded with blossoms! Jealous. 🙂

Did you know they are considered a noxious weed in Arizona and it’s against the law to grow them?! Glad that’s not the case here in MN. It’s the ideal annual for our short growing season reaching heights of 15-20 feet, has lots of showy blossoms and is nearly disease/pest resistant.

What’s still blooming in your garden?

This week I’ll be re-potting some of my succulents and tender plants so I can bring them indoors for the winter.  I usually use pots I can hang or medium-sized pots I can set near windows. This year I think I have more to bring in than usual. I might have to get a tiered plant stand or  shelf unit.

If you’re in Minnesota, you’ll want to get your tender plants in this week. Our overnight temps in the next few days will dip into the 40’s or possibly the upper 30’s. Goodbye summer… 😦


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