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Minnesota Mushrooms October 7, 2011

Mushrooms have got to be some of the strangest looking things. When my hubby and I hike in the wooded areas of our State Parks, we find the most interesting looking mushrooms that beg to be captured on film.

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I’m not going to even try to identify these – it’s a daunting task. Unless you have pictures of all the angles, including the gills, it’s difficult to ID them.

If you’re really curious to find out more about these and other mushrooms, my friends at Mushroom Patch can help. You can find them on Facebook or online at their Web site.

Minnesota Mushrooms


4 Responses to “Minnesota Mushrooms”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I’ve got to upload some of my recent photos of my “Fun”gi’s. I even have my girls taking photos of them now, even Annie.

    • Paula B Says:

      I thought of you ‘cuz I know you have some great mushroom pics too. BTW – I’ve had your plume poppies in a pot for weeks; not sure how or when to get them to you…

  2. This is Laetiporus sulphureus more commonly called a Sulfur Shelf of Chicken of the Woods. A delicious edible found in the Spring and again in the Fall.


    • Paula B Says:

      Thanks, Mike! The internet is full of people who know more than I do – love that! I appreciate you taking a moment read this post and share your knowledge with me. 🙂

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