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Multiplying Mourning Doves September 16, 2011

baby mourning doves | paula bonelli |

baby mourning doves | © paula bonelli

Mourning Doves are continually repopulating our back yard. It’s easy to watch them because they place their nests in conspicuous places. No wonder the death toll is so high; guess that’s the reason for frequent procreation.

I would bet that a few of them have been lost to the stealthy Cooper’s Hawk that visits occasionally. I’ve never seen any evidence that this occurs, but it is part of backyard life.

Mourning Doves are pretty birds that we enjoy all year long. What birds are nesting in your yard?

mourning dove | paula boneli |

mourning dove resting | © paula bonelli

mourning doves | paula bonelli |

pair of mourning doves | © paula bonelli

This year seems a bit different from years past. I’ve noticed that birds are nesting late and the ones doing so are still juveniles themselves. Not sure why that is; just noticed that it’s unusual for our backyard.

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3 Responses to “Multiplying Mourning Doves”

  1. Love these photos of the mourning doves – we have a lot here but I’ve never noticed the nests. I love the sound of their cooing but they tend to keep their distance, since my standard poodle likes to chase them. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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