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Late-Summer Photo Slideshow September 12, 2011

Later this week, we will be experiencing daytime temps in the 60’s. Grrr. Guess it will really feel like fall. I’m enjoying my late-summer blooms. There are not many this time of year as most of my plants are waning and looking anything but pretty.

I love to do a walk-about in my yard while I have my morning coffee. I take my pruning shears and deadhead, snip and tidy up. I invariably find the morning light has brought a new blossom to my view, so I grab my camera and snap yet another picture.

While you are drudgingly welcoming the cool air later this week, enjoy this slideshow of late-summer blooms, garden and nature photog. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Are you getting your bulb order/wishlist together. The time is nearly here to plant those fall bulbs!


2 Responses to “Late-Summer Photo Slideshow”

  1. Great photo’s, I’m going to have to spend some time checking out the archives.

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